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The Central Office for the referendum of the Court of Cassation, with an order filed on January 23, 2020, declared that the call for  a referendum on the text of the constitutional law containing "modification of articles 56, 57 and 59 of the Constitution regarding the reduction of the number of parliamentarians ", complies with art. 138 of the Constitution and ascertained the legitimacy of the referendum question proposed by the same.

With Decree of the President of the Republic of 28 January 2020, published in the Official Gazette no. 23 of 29 January 2020, the date of the popular confirmation referendum has been set for 29 March 2020, which will also involve Italian citizens residing abroad.
We remind you that VOTING is a RIGHT protected by the Italian Constitution and that, according to Law no. 459 of 27 December 2001, Italian citizens residing abroad, registered on the electoral lists, can VOTE BY MAIL. To this end, it is therefore recommended to check and regularize your personal and address situation at your consulate.

IT IS POSSIBLE AS AN ALTERNATIVE, FOR THE VOTERS RESIDING ABROAD AND REGISTERED IN AIRE (Register of Italian nationals Residing Abroad), TO CHOOSE TO VOTE IN ITALY AT THEIR OWN MUNICIPALITY OF ELECTION REGISTRATION, by communicating in writing their choice (OPTION) to the Consulate within the 10th day following the call for voting. the voters who choose to vote in Italy on the occasion of the next referendum consultation, will receive from their respective Italian municipalities the notice card to vote at the polling stations in Italy.

The choice (option) to vote in Italy only applies to a referendum consultation.

It is reiterated that in any case the option MUST BE RECEIVED by the Consular Office NO LATER THAN TEN DAYS FOLLOWING THE CALL FOR VOTING, OR BY  8 FEBRUARY 2020. This communication can be written on plain paper and - to be valid - it must contain the name, surname, date, place of birth, place of residence and signature of the voter,  with an enclosed copy of the declarant's identity document.

For this communication, you can also use the appropriate form downloadable from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation ( or from that of your consular office (downloadable HERE).

As prescribed by current legislation, it will be the responsibility of the voters to verify that the option communication sent by post has been received in good time by their consular office.

The choice to vote in Italy can subsequently be REVOKED with a written communication to be sent or delivered to the consular office in the same manner and within the same deadline foreseen for exercising the option.

If you choose to return to Italy to vote, the Law does NOT provide any type of reimbursement for travel expenses incurred, but only tariff concessions within the Italian territory. Only voters residing in countries where there are no conditions for voting by correspondence (Law 459/2001, art. 20, paragraph 1-bis) are entitled to a refund of 75 percent of the cost of the travel ticket, in economy class.






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