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NOVEL CORONAVIRUS: Updates and Precautionary Measures



NOVEL CORONAVIRUS: Updates and Precautionary Measures

In January 2020, cases of "novel coronavirus" (COVID-19) infection occurred in Singapore.

The situation in the City-State is monitored by an inter-ministerial task force which has already taken several precautionary measures. Checks at sea and land borders have been strengthened as well as surveillance measures in hospitals for the screening and management of suspected and confirmed cases.The Ministry of Health of Singapore has issued some recommendations to be observed, including: avoid contact with live animals and the consumption of raw meat, avoid crowded places, respect good personal hygiene, wear a mask in case of respiratory symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath. Updates on the evolution of the situation in Singapore are available on the website of the Ministry of Health of Singapore Given the high number of international trips to Singapore and the Chinese New Year holidays, the MOH expects the number of registered cases to increase. For more information and updated data, please refer to the following link: