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Conference of Scientific Attachés - 26 November 2020



Conference of Scientific Attachés - 26 November 2020

2. foto conferenza addetti scientifici 26 novembre 2020

THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2020, the Conference of Scientific Attachés will take place in Rome.

The goal of the Conference, organised like the previous ones with the contribution of APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research), is to promote the actions, instruments and successes of Scientific Diplomacy, taking stock, together with the network of Scientific Attachés, of the results of the work carried out and the future prospects in a perspective of integrated promotion of the Italian System, also taking into account the "digital revolution" imposed by Covid-19 emergency.

The conference will be divided into three sessions (the first two will be open to the public and can be followed in streaming through the social channel by clicking here.


1) Institutional part

It will take place from 10.00 am to 11.00 am, with speeches by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon. Luigi Di Maio, the Ministers of University and Research Prof. Gaetano Manfredi, the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digitalization Dr. Paola Pisano and the Secretary General of the Farnesina Amb. Elisabetta Belloni. The first session will focus on the growing role of the scientific and technological research sector in the competitiveness of the Country System, enhancing the Government's commitment to promoting innovation and its impact on the Italian entrepreneurial fabric.

2) Panel

It will be held from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. around the theme "The role of research and innovation as a driving force for the competitiveness of the Italian System: Scientific Diplomacy, the role of Scientific Attachés and the available instruments", moderated by the author and TV presenter Federico Taddia, with the participation of: Barbara Gallavotti Scientific Advisor National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo Da Vinci", Ilaria Capua Director One Health University of Florida, Luca Parmitano Astronaut, Antonio Guarino President AISUK (Association of Italian Scientists in the UK), Giulio Ranzo CEO Avio Spa, Carlo Rovelli theoretical physicist and essayist. The Panel will close with a speech by the Director General for System Promotion.

3) Afternoon session (03.00 - 06.00 p.m.)

In the afternoon the Conference will continue with a session, closed to the public, of in-depth study and discussion with the network of Scientific Attachés, including Dr. Nicola Bianchi, Scientific Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Singapore from January 2, 2019, with diplomatic accreditation also for Malaysia and Indonesia.

For more information on Singapore's scientific cooperation by clicking here.