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Italian Research Day in the World



Italian Research Day in the World

Every year, on April 15, on the anniversary of the birth of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Day of Italian Research in the World is celebrated.

Also this year the Day is celebrated in a difficult historical moment in which Italy and the whole world are still challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic but thanks to scientific research, future better scenarios are beginning to be glimpsed.

Italian research is also making its contribution, thanks also to the network of scientific experts who work in close contact with the numerous Italian researchers abroad.

This is the message of the video recorded by the exceptional witness of the Day, the researcher and popularizer Barbara Gallavotti.

Research is by its nature international, and knows no boundaries. There is no continent in the world in which scientific research does not see the contribution of Italian researchers.

About a hundred excellent researchers work in Singapore in the most prestigious universities and research institutions. The Italian Embassy, ​​on the occasion of this Day, interviewed four, young and brilliant:

                           giorgia pastorin interview embassy of italy in singapore photo              andrea pavesi interview embassy of italy in singapore photo

                                      Giorgia Pastorin of NUS                                     Andrea Pavesi of A * STAR


                           eleonora adami interview embassy of italy in singapore photo              erik cambria interview embassy of italy in singapore photo

                                          Eleonora Adami                                                 Erik Cambria of NTU.

                                 of Duke-NUS Medical School