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Singapore: June 2nd dedicated to Italian opera and Made in Italy with special guests at Gardens by the Bay



Singapore: June 2nd dedicated to Italian opera and Made in Italy with special guests at Gardens by the Bay

In the splendid setting of the Gardens by the Bay, known throughout the world for its colossal greenhouses and ultra-technological "supertrees" - this time illuminated with the colors of Italy - the celebrations of the Italian National Day took place yesterday 2 June 2022, organized by the Embassy of Italy.

In a post-pandemic Singapore that is gradually returning to normal, the Italian opera concert with an audience of over 600 people is among the first official events of this size to animate an iconic location in the City State.

In the front row, next to Ambassador Mario Vattani, the Senior State Minister for Defense, Heng, and the US Ambassador Kaplan, there was an exceptional guest: the younger brother of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the historical leader and real founding father of the City State, who passed away in 2015.

Elder Lee Suan Yew, a lover of Italy, was greeted on his arrival by thunderous applause by the numerous Italians and Singaporeans present.

The performance of soprano Marcella Di Garbo and baritone Lorenzo Barbieri, accompanied on the piano by Maestro Manuel Cini, made this celebration of June 2 in Singapore truly special, which is part of a series of cultural and promotional events organized from mid-May to end of June by the Embassy of Italy together with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Associations. Under the #ItalianFestival logo in Singapore, there are over 50 events dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy, and beyond.

"Our goal", as declared by Ambassador Mario Vattani, "is to promote the excellence of our country in sectors ranging from those best known by the Singapore public - culture, fashion, food and wine - to those of industry, finance, technology, energy and scientific research. A better understanding of Italy's industrial and technological potential will support the growth of the Italian economic presence in Singapore ”.

Vattani also recalled in his speech the recent approval by the port authority of Singapore of an important investment by the Italian company Rimorchiatori Mediterranei (RMED) in the strategic port of the City-State.

"We have supported this forward-looking RMED operation with the Singapore authorities from the beginning, explaining to them that the plan includes the replacement of the old tugs with new models equipped with green technology, and also the increase of personnel ashore in the coming years".

In his greeting, Senior Minister of State Heng also referred to the RMED operation.

"As nations with a long maritime tradition" said Heng, "Singapore and Italy have excellent cooperation in this area. For over two decades, PSA International has been adding value with its presence in Genoa's port operations. We will always welcome Italian investors who bring added value to our port ".