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COVID-19: Updates



COVID-19: Updates

Updated on June 1st 2022

1. Entry into Italy

2. Entry into Singapore

3. Entry and Exit from Brunei 


1. Entry into Italy

From June 1st 2022, the Green Pass (or equivalent vaccination certification) is no longer required to entry or return to Italy.

There is no longer the obligation to show the so-called "Green Pass" to access restaurant or hotel services, or to access other businesses. For more details, please refer to the Decree-Law 24 March 2022, n. 24.

Until 30 September 2022, it is mandatory to wear FFP2 type respiratory protective equipment on public means of transport (trains, ships, ferries, buses and other means of public transport), excluding airplanes.

For more information:


2. Entry into Singapore

All fully vaccinated travelers coming from Italy over the age of 13 (born before or in 2011) and children under 12 (born after or in 2010) partially or unvaccinated can enter Singapore for any reason, following the Vaccinated Travel Framework procedure given below.

VTF (Vaccinated Travel Framework) Pre-departure Procedure

  • For those who have not been vaccinated in Singapore, please check that your digital vaccination certificate is recognized by the Singapore authorities on the following website: You will receive a vaccination acceptance letter if the verification is successful, which must be presented to boarding checkpoints (at the departure airport) and to the immigration checkpoints upon arrival in Singapore. In case of difficulty it is recommended to print the certificate (complete with QR code) in English or accompanied by an authenticated translation in English.;
  • Complete the declaration on your health condition by using this form within the 72 hours prior to entry;
  • Install and activate the Trace Together app (children under 6 are exempted) by referring to the following guide.

More details on the VTF are available HERE 

NVTF (Non-Vaccinated Travel Framework) Procedure

In case the aforementioned conditions for the VTF (Vaccinated Travel Framework) are not respected, and exclusively for travelers over 13 years old (born before 2010) considered "not fully vaccinated" or "in possession of a medical certificate certifying the vaccine exemption", who are part of one of the following categories:

- Family members of Singaporean citizens or PR;
- PR or LTVP (issued by ICA) in possession of the IPA;
- Student Pass in IPA;
- LTVH (issued by the MOE or by the MOM) for those over 18 years old.

must follow the entry procedure indicated at the following link:

Before traveling, it is recommended to perform the adequate checks with your carrier or travel agency.

Further information

The call of cruise ships is suspended until further notice. Starting from September 1, 2021, crew changes are permitted under the circumstances indicated here.
For more information on the containment measures of Covid-19 adopted by Singapore authorities, please visit the website of the local Ministry of Health

An update WhatsApp Channel on the situation in Singapore is also available.


3. Entry and exit from Brunei

Local health authorities have reviewed the measures both for entering and leaving the country.

Entry in Brunei

For foreign travelers coming from countries of the 'red list', in which Italy is included, it is possible to enter Brunei if they are fully vaccinated (all vaccines recognized by WHO, administered in two doses, are considered valid after 14 days of administration and single-dose vaccines after 28 days of administration) and only for essential reasons assessed by the Prime Minister's Office after submitting an application via Entry Travel Pass portal at least 8 working days prior to the scheduled travel date.

Before departure, the traveler must have health insurance that also covers Covid-19 risk, submit an Arrival Declaration available here and undergo a PCR swab test within the 48 hours preceding departure. Travelers vaccinated and recovered within the 90 days prior to entry are exempted from the pre-departure swab test.

Upon arrival at the airport, it is necessary to undergo a PCR test if vaccinated, or a rapid ART test if vaccinated and cured, to be booked before arrival.

Travelers are also required to download the BruHealth App before entering the country. More information on the documents to be submitted are available here.

Exit from Brunei

All citizens and residents of Brunei must undergo vaccination against COVID-19 before leaving the country.

Foreign residents (with work, study, or family passes) who intend to temporarily leave Brunei and re-enter are required to apply for a special visa before returning to the country, by following the procedure indicated here.

For the latest updates on the measures adopted by Brunei authorities, please visit: