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AIRE Cancellation


AIRE Cancellation

Cancellation from A.I.R.E. takes place:

  • for registration in the Registry of Resident Population (A.P.R.) of an Italian Municipality following transfer from abroad or repatriation;
  • for death, including judicially declared presumed death;
  • for alleged unavailability, unless proven otherwise, after one hundred years from birth or after carrying out two subsequent investigations, or when the address previously communicated abroad is no longer valid and it is not possible to obtain the new one;
  • for loss of Italian citizenship;
  • for transfer to the A.I.R.E. of another Italian municipality.


Cancellation for Repatriation

The Consular Offices record only the repatriation in their consular registry. The sole Authority, which can do the cancellation from A.I.R.E. (Registry of Italians Residing Abroad) and proceed with the registration in the A.P.R. (Registry of Resident Population) is the chosen Italian Municipality.

The change of residence is not automatic: only the registration of the citizen at the APR of the chosen Municipality can restore the registered address in Italy and the registration in the list of voters in the territory of the Republic.

1. Cancellation from the consular registry by the Consulate  

  1. Fill in the repatriation declaration form, which can be downloaded HERE.
  2. Select the type of declaration that corresponds to your case.
  3. Return the duly completed declaration form with a photocopy of your passport by email to the following address:, at least one week before your departure date.
  4. If you also intend to re-import your household furnishings and personal belongings, you must fill in the list of these household items and belongings, the form of which can be downloaded HERE.
  5. Book an appointment via Prenota Online Portal to have the form of the household furnishings and personal belongings signed by the Consular Officer.

2. Cancellation from A.I.R.E. and registration at the A.P.R.

The citizen has to go to the chosen Municipality and request the registration in the Registry of Resident Population. In case the citizen does not present his/her request in person to the Municipality, his/her AIRE and electoral status will remain unchanged.