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Passport Application for Adults


Passport Application for Adults


Italian citizens residing in the territorial jurisdiction of Singapore and Brunei duly registered with the AIRE (Register of Italians Residing Abroad) can apply for passports at the Embassy of Italy in Singapore. For information on how to register with AIRE, click here.


To apply for a passport, an appointment must be made through the online booking system at the following link: Prenot@mi.

Documentation to be sent in advance by email

  • Copy of the passport application form, duly completed and signed by the applicant;
  • Copy of the applicant's passport stating his/her personal details and the names of the issuing authority.

To be sent to: 

Documents to be presented at the Consulate:

  • Original copy of the passport's application form, duly completed and signed by the applicant;
  • Current passport, if available;
  • If the passport is lacking, a self-identification document can be presented pursuant to D.P.R. 445/2000;
  • 2 recent photographs (identical, face front, coloured with white background, 35 x 40 mm format), taken less than 6 months ago, in compliance with ICAO international standards;
  • In case the applicant has children under 18 years old, a letter of consent by the other parent for issuing the passport is required, regardless of the applicant's marital status (single, married, separated or divorced). 

Letter of Consent

The letter of consent is a personal declaration that the parent can sign using the appropriate form available at the Office in charge or by drafting a self-declaration; a photocopy of one's identity document must be attached to the letter of consent.

If you are an Italian or an EU citizen, you can sign at home and send to the Consular Office the consent letter together with a copy of your passport's page (s) containing your personal details and visible signature.

Non-EU citizen must come in person to the Conular Office to affix his/her signature after presenting his/her identity document.

Non-EU citizen residing in Italy or in another country must sign the consent letter at the municipal offices or the concerned police headquarters or at the Consular Office in charge.

In absence of the consent of the other parent, the Head of the Consular Office, in his/her capacity as minors tutelary Judge residing in the district of jurisdiction, can, after having carried out the necessary investigations, authorize the issuance of the passport to the applicant with a specific consular decree.

Presence at the Consulate

In the event that one of the two parents has non-EU nationality, he/she is required to be present at the appointment with his/her passport. The presence of the other parent is not necessary if he/she is a European citizen.


The passport fee is subject to quarterly exchange rate between euros and Singapore dollars (EUR / SGD). To check the updated amounts, please, refer to the Consular Fees. The total amount of the administrative fee and the passport booklet's fees is to be paid at the time of issue in cash or by NETS.


  1. Passport Application Form 
  2. Letter of consent in case the applicant has children below 18 years old
  3. Passport Theft/Loss Report Form