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Patronage request

The Italian Embassy in Singapore can grant its patronage for initiatives and events of cultural, scientific, humanitarian, touristic, economic, sporting nature, etc.

Based on the guidelines provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) for the granting of patronage by its Diplomatic Representation network abroad, the event must:

  • Be of clear and appreciable importance;
  • Take place in a limited and defined time period;
  • not possibly have a purely local character;
  • not be for profit, even indirectly.

If the event provides for the payment of a sum (of modest value) which serves solely to finance the event itself, without further profit-making purposes, the non-profit requirement can be considered satisfied.

To obtain the patronage, interested parties must submit a request containing the following information:

  1. Details and qualification of the applicant;
  2. Full name;
  3. Address;
  4. Phone number;
  5. Email address;
  6. Role played in promoting/organizing the event;
  7. Venue, date and detailed program of the event;
  8. Possible granting of Patronage by other Ministries, national and international institutions, local authorities duly documented and attached to the request.

The request must be sent to:

The granting of the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Singapore allows automatically also the use of its logo.

Other forms of collaboration

For other initiatives in which the Embassy is engaged in various forms (collaboration, support, etc..), the use of its logo and the formula to be used must be agreed upon with the Embassy in advance.