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The Exhibition: “Fellini 100. Immortal Genius” at your home!

A VIRTUAL GUIDED TOUR of “Fellini 100 – Immortal Genius” Exhibition at Castel Sismondo in Rimini, Fellini’s birthplace, with film scholar Marco Bertozzi.

A 360° Virtual Tour is also available, an immersive experience that allows you to walk freely through the exhibition.

The exhibition, curated by Studio Azzurro, with Marco Bertozzi and Anna Villari, is set up in Castel Sismondo, part of the future Fellini Museum site.

An innovative impressive setting recreates the world and imagination of Fellini through unpublished or never before displayed materials, movies, interviews, drawings, costumes, scripts, photographs. The exhibition offers a great opportunity to bring back memories, emotions, photoframes, scenes and suggestions from Fellini’s unique world that tell us the whole truth about ourselves with the irresistible universal fascination of a dream.

Federico Fellini, the Italian film master, was born in Rimini on 20 January 1920.

If Italy is considered by the whole world as the country of the “Dolce Vita”, it is due to Fellini’s unique and distinctive vision. Very few artists have been able to describe the entire history of our country as he did. In his movies, Fellini invented a whole brand new imaginary world capable, not only of telling the story of his own generation, but also of reaching out to the next generations. Fellini showed us that, by travelling back in time, magical suggestions can be found in order to understand the present. “Everything is imagined” is not only Fellini’s famous expression, but also the key to describe his current and timeless artistic and creative heritage.