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News in regards of passport’s application for parents of minors

Italian citizens, parents of minor children, starting from 14 June 2023 will no longer need to present the other parent’s consent for the purpose of issuing their own passport (pursuant to D.L. 69/2023).

Specifically, the new article 3-bis of Law 1185/1967 indicates that, when there is a concrete and current danger that the partner may escape from fulfilling his obligations towards the children once transferred abroad, it will be possible for the other parent to request an injunction against the release of a new passport.

The application can be presented to the competent judge at the ordinary Court in which the minor has his habitual residence or, if the minor is resident abroad, the Court of the city where the children are registered AIRE.

Note that for the purposes of issuing documents for minors, the obligation remains for the consent signed by both parents or by those who exercise parental responsibility.