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Message of Ambassador Raffaele Langella to the compatriots on the occasion of Italy’s National Day

Dear compatriots,

The pandemic that turned our lives upside down prevented us from celebrating the National Day together this year. Italy has emerged from the most dramatic phase of the emergency, and is facing an unprecedented daily life. A new territory, in which we will move forward strong from what we have learned in the most difficult moments. We have learned that there is a widespread and shared civic responsibility in Italy, which leads the whole community to accept sacrifices to protect a common good. We have discovered that there are citizens among us ready to sacrifice everything for the well-being of the community and for fidelity to crystalline ethical principles. We found ourselves, in Italy as in Singapore, to encourage each other, or more simply to help us fill the empty time with a phone call. Italy has suffered, it is true, but today we are all stronger and more aware.

The Head of State, President Sergio Mattarella, addressed the Italians with words in which we all reflected ourselves ( We have discovered, in many cases, that we have unexpected resources. To be linked to our country and to the community to which we belong in a more profound and definitive way than we thought. Sometimes to be better than the image we had of ourselves.

In Singapore too, the community reacted to the crisis with empathy and moral firmness. Some of us had to review their life and professional plans. We have all suffered from nostalgia for a home that we have never felt so close to in our hearts. Now we are all ready to resume our journey.

Dear compatriots,

On 2 June seventy-four years ago the Republic was born, and Italy was reborn. May this also be a new beginning for all of us.