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The first phase of the EUNIC project is concluded: Culture | Smart City

The EUNIC (EU National Institute for Culture) project aims to give life to a European cultural collaboration in more than 100 countries around the world with a network of 132 clusters. The Singapore EUNIC Cluster was established in November 2019 by ten European Embassies, including the Italian Embassy.

Phase 1 of the Culture | Smart City project has just ended. In this project, topics were presented on how culture, artistic creativity and technological innovation can be integrated into the new urban concept of Smart City.

Of the 10 contributions presented, two were made, at the invitation and support of the Italian Embassy, ​​by Italian scholars linked to the reality of Singapore.

Sara Lenzi, a researcher at Milan Polytechnic University and with a work experience in Singapore and Southeast Asia, is a scholar of the importance of sound in communication and she was co-founder of the magazine Her project for EUNIC is called Smart City Sound.

Ludovica Tomarchio, former researcher at Future City Lab in Singapore, studies the convergence of Smart Cities and Cultural Cities that emerges with the availability of big data, social media and technology. Her project created for EUNIC is called Smart Cultural City: Instagrammability in Art, Architecture and Hybrid Art Spaces.