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DANILO CORREALE: Reverie. On the Liberation from Work. Transition, 2017

photo danilo correale

Reverie. On the Liberation from Work. Transition, 2017

At “Stakes of Conscious(ness)” Residences Online Screening Programme at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

Developed in collaboration with a hypnotherapist, Reverie. On the Liberation from Work (2017) is a two-part hypnosis exercise that soothes the body and the mind into a state of relaxation wherein “the ease of a post-work society” slowly comes into focus. Through the lull of the voiceover and mesmerising visual aids, Transitionreleases our mental confines and prompts us on a inward journey towards a future society where work is no longer commanded and humanity is free to dedicate itself to mutual care and collective improvement. Neither a retreat nor an escapist lure, Reverie. On the Liberation from Work rather paves the way for visions of future freedom by eliciting a renewed sense of presence and the empowering awareness that the future is there for us to shape.

Image: Danilo Correale, Reverie. On the Liberation from Work. Transition, 2017, film still, 20 min. Courtesy the artist.


Video available until 5th June

With national frontiers sealed worldwide and bodies forced into a standstill, it can be all the more relevant to embark onto journeys of the mind and explore different states of consciousness. Which shape(s) does human consciousness take when time unfolds within conditions of spatial confinement? What happens when the body plunges into increasingly immaterial networks and disembodied social relations? Is an emancipated society already inscribed in the deep recesses of our conscious? Stakes of Conscious(ness) brings together works of Danilo Correale, (Italy/United States), Liu Yu (Taiwan), and a new film by Marianna Simnett (United Kingdom) specifically produced for this occasion, three artists whose residency at NTU CCA Singapore has been disrupted by the viral pandemic. Each work modulates a unique mindscape and pushes our imagination beyond the boundaries of normative reason, the entrapments of capitalistic development, and the limits of our sensorium.

Stakes of Conscious(ness) is curated by Dr Anna Lovecchio, Curator, Residencies.

Presented by the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore