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Italy protagonist at FHA and PROWINE 2022

At the fair of Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) 2022, the Italian Trade Agency, through the Office in Singapore and in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Singapore, will organize the Pavillion ITALIA at booth 5L1-01 (Hall 5). The entire Pavilion will be on an area of 126 square meter. Within it there will be Cucina Italia, a special Italian kitchen designed for the show-cooking sessions with more than 31 events.

Each of the plate will be prepared by 8 Italian and local Chefs resident in Singapore. They will use, among the various ingredients, 1 or 2 products of some of the Italian companies that participate to FHA with their own booths, but also agreed to be promoted inside our Pavilion with special sessions.

Italian companies participating to ITA promotion are 14, while in total at FHA 61 Italian companies will be exhibiting autonomously.

The number of Italian participants is very high, and despite the end of the pandemic,  the uncertainty is still very high. Italian companies are willing to re-start after the pandemic and they believe that Singapore is a strategic point of access and a “window” to all the Asean countries (680 million population) to promote their food and wine products.

During the preparation of each plate, there will be a video streaming of the cooking session, streamed on the monitor at the reception so all the visitors will be able to see what is going on at our Pavilion and will be attracted to walk in and join the kitchen. Plus each representative of the 14 companies will be able to intervene with a speech and more details of the product used during the preparation of their specific plate.

In Singapore there are more than 50 Italian restaurants serving high quality Italian cuisine. Singapore is the best stage to showcase both the tradition and the innovation typical of Italian food products

About PROWINE 2022

At PROWINE 2022 the Italian Trade Agency, through the Office in Singapore and in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Singapore, will organize the Pavilion ITALIA at booth 1D1-01 (Hall 1). The entire Pavilion will be on an area of 42 square meters. In collaboration with the Sommelier Association of Singapore, there will be wine tasting, and wine masterclasses, with an intense agenda and different daily thematic, focuses northern Italy, Centre, South, and sparkling and natural wines to involve the local stakeholders to better promote Italy.

In addition there will be a showcase of Italian spirits in a dedicated area of the booth, with the involvement and support of local importers

Some figures about the Italian export in food and wine sectors:

In 2021, exports from Italy, 4th EU supplier to Singapore in the agri-food sector, amounted to EUR 110.7 million, recording a growth of + 15.8% compared to 2020.

In the period jan-apr 2022 Italy confirms its 4th position with an export value in food and beverage to Singapore of 37 million euros, with an increase of 12% vs. same period in 2021.

Italy holds the export record among the EU countries in Singapore of bakery products tomato sauce and pasta, while it is the second for exports of olive and wine.

In 2021 the market wine value in Italy has been 14.2 billion euro (Il Sole 24ore)

Italy is thus still the world’s biggest wine producer. But France has lost its second place and dropped to third due to its exceptionally poor harvest. Spain became the second-largest wine producer in 2021 (Forbes)

In 2021 Italy exported worldwide 7,3 billion euro of wine, with a jump of 12,4% vs. 2020. Italy imported wine from the world for 404,0 mln of euro. In January 2022, the export of Italian wine reached 474 million euros, up 22% on January 2021 and +8.7% on 2019.

In 2021, among the EU Countries, Italy is the 2nd supplier of wine to Singapore, after France. The export value from Italy to Singapore is 20,4 mln euro, with a double digit growth of 34,5% vs. 2020 (15,2 mln euro).