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“X” by Olimpia Fortuni and Katatonic Silentio, a contemporary dance performance


The 2023 edition of the Asia-Europe Cultural Festival is set to debut in Singapore from October 22 to November 1. Within this exciting initiative, the Embassy of Italy is delighted to present the performance

“X” by Olimpia Fortuni and Katatonic Silentio,

a contemporary dance performance (duration: 50 m.)
Friday, October 27, 2023, 8 pm
Asian Civilisations Museum, River Terrace
(L2, 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555)

Free entrance, registration required

Olimpia Fortuni, dancer and choreographer, collaborates with Katatonic Silentio (Mariachiara Troianiello), an artist, performer, and sound researcher, to craft a captivating journey blending music and dance. Drawing inspiration from shamanic traditions—a timeless form of spirituality not confined to a specific cult or religion—the performance serves as a means to attain heightened awareness and deeper connections with oneself, nature, and others. The Malaysian choreographer and dancer, January Low, who has over 30 years of experience in Indian classical dance, will join the performance.

The central figure is Artemis, who embodies the archetype of an independent, tenacious woman, reflective, intuitive, and passionate. Utilizing sound, body, movement, and both natural and artificial architectures, the performance is a composition that symbolizes a crossing of lines, acting as a bridge to foster communication. “X” encapsulates a journey where performers, in the roles of researchers and explorers, guide the audience to another realm, offering a sensory experience into their inner world.

Concept: Olimpia Fortuni

Music: Katatonic Silentio

Performers: Olimpia Fortuni, January Low, Katatonic Silentio

Study of shamanic practices: Corinna Ciulli

Co-production: Sosta Palmizi and Fondazione Fabbrica Europa

Residency Support: Olinda/TeatroLaCucina and Dance Nucleus

Supported by: Embassy of Italy in Singapore

For Information and Reservations, click here

The Asia-Europe Cultural Festival is a public arts celebration that highlights the artistic richness and diversity of Asia and Europe, fostering dialogue and exchange among artists from both regions. Audiences in Singapore can immerse themselves in a variety of events spanning from dance to film, photography, and music performances by artists from Italy, Malaysia, Cambodia, France, Estonia, Japan, and Singapore amongst others.

This festival serves as a platform for ongoing dialogue and collaboration within and beyond the arts and culture sectors of Asia and Europe.

The initiative is organized by ASEF, funded by the European Union, with the support of the Embassy of Italy in Singapore, the Embassy of Estonia in Singapore and Casa Asia.

You can download the festival booklet by clicking here

All events are free by registration. Book your spot now!