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Italian presence at the Art Week 2024

Filippo Sciascia 1

The Singapore Art Week 2024 comes back from 19-28 Jan, with over 150 events and installations by both Singaporean and renowned international artists, as well as events that range from light installations, performance art, tours and trails, physical exhibitions and more.

This new edition boasts a strong Italian presence with several captivating exhibitions that will showcase talent and creativity.

1) Tablet: new paintings by Filippo Sciascia

January 13th  – February 10th 2024 at Yeo Workshop – Gillman Barracks, 47 Malan Road #01-25 Singapore 109444

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday | 11 am – 7 pm; Sunday | 12 pm – 6 pm. Free Admission

In an upcoming solo exhibition and a display of artistic mastery, Filippo Sciascia showcases his latest collection of photo-realistic and painstakingly crafted paintings, featuring a return to his iconic “cracked” painting series. Delving into his enduring fascination with light as an anthropological catalyst, Sciascia’s work portrays various scenes illustrating light’s pivotal role in the development of mankind’s technological progress. Aptly titled ‘TABLET,’ the exhibition spans both ancient and modern eras, symbolising the evolution of communication and technology. Tablet describes ancient clay stones with cuneiform inscriptions, and also the medium of today’s digital mobile technology, and with that, Sciascia weaves a visual narrative of humanity’s adaptive journey through time.

Drawing on a diasporic tapestry of migratory experiences from his family’s re-location to New York from Sicily in his teenage years, followed by his formal training in Florence, Italy, and now living more than half his life (25 years) in Bali, Sciascia’s work intricately encompasses various histories. Influenced by the Greek-Arab’s oldest colony in the Mediterranean, his artworks resonate with the echoes of archaeology and ancient history. Moreover, the works bear a profound influence of nature and spiritual culture, both deeply personal to the artist and universally resonant, reflecting the essence of his current home in Bali. These influences sit alongside the artist’s avid interest in keeping up to date with contemporary art ideas through books, resources online and podcasts. The role of light in his pieces unfolds as a narrative thread weaving through the history of evolution, the history of technology, the history of communication, and, of course, the history of art. His masterful synthesis of these diverse influences offers a profound exploration of universal themes.

For more information, please contact:

Gillman Barracks Art After Dark: On January 20th from 7-10pm all resident galleries at Gillman Barracks will be opening till 10 pm to celebrate Singapore Art Week 2024.


2) Second Cities – Photography Exhibition by Giuseppe de Francesco

January 19th – February 11th 2024 at Space TB80 (G8A Architects) – Blk 80 Chay Yan, #01-29, Singapore 160080

Opening hours: Only Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) | 10 am – 4 pm. Free Admission

When capital cities are chosen for symbolic or administrative reason, second cities often become thriving economic and cultural hubs, known for innovation and gathering global significance. In Second Cities, photography serves as a tool for in-depth exploration and investigation of urban landscapes. It embarks on a cognitive journey, gradually revealing the essence and identity of these cities. Through visual representation, photography captures the tangible facets of urban life: the interplay of density, layers, overlays and juxtapositions of masses, volumes, and flows. Each photograph becomes a moment of claiming and restoring a sense of place, decoding its formal language and its interconnectedness within the broader cityscape. These images, skillfully captured from privileged perspective, meticulously document the urban realities, offering a profound glimpse into the intricate complexities that define these non-capital metropolises.


3) Journey from Hyperrealism to Abstraction

November 28th 2023 – February 27 th 2024 at Mucciaccia Gallery – 6 Lock Road, #02-10 Gillman Barracks Singapore 108934

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday | 12 pm – 7 pm; Saturday | 11 am – 7 pm; Sunday | 11 am – 6 pm. Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays – Free Admission

Mucciaccia Gallery in Singapore proposes a focus on the representation of different subjects, beginning a journey from the hyperrealism of Roberto Bernardi to the pure abstraction of Jeffrey Kroll and Frank Holliday, for which it has called together the works of ten important artists from its collection.

The journey begins with two canvases by Cristiano Pintaldi, the first with the unforgettable face of Grace Kelly and the second with that of Rihanna, in an image taken from the video of “Love on the Brain”, a song from her eighth album Anti (2016). Pintaldi looks at the virtual world and paints using only the three colours of RGB (Red-Green-Blue), to which he gives the shape of the pixel commonly used on the Internet. Only and always three small dots, one of each colour, placed side by side on the canvas in a regular manner that, once painted, are perceived by our eyes as a single coloured surface.

Also by Francesca Leone are two women’s faces; in her ‘Still Flows’, the artist subjected the model to strong jets of water, altering its physiognomy, making the woman’s face enigmatic and almost abstract.

The human figure also interests Oliviero Rainaldi, a multifaceted artist who expresses himself in both painting and sculpture. His research takes place in the field of figuration and is characterised by solitary human presences, which he brings back to the pure essentiality of form, as in the canvas ‘Conversations’ and the sculpture ‘Human Baptisms

Two large canvases by Piero Pizzi Cannella ‘Corallo’ and ‘Ombra cinese follow. As always, this great master takes us back to the poetry of symbols and paints ideal scenes, in which everyday objects are immersed in a suspended and rarefied atmosphere; thus Pizzi Cannella takes us far away, to the intimate and secluded places of memory and imagination.

From the territories of the imagination we pass to those of hyperrealism by Luciano Ventrone and Roberto Bernardi. Luciano Ventrone’s work is represented by two splendid and skillful still lives with a Mediterranean flavour. Bernardi is also a leading exponent of hyperrealism. He wants to obtain a pictorial image similar to a photographic one, but painted on canvas in a virtuoso, exact and precise manner, using the method of glazing, a very ancient technique that only the use of oil on canvas allows, which consists in applying many layers of colour to obtain a transparent effect.

From Bernardi’s smooth and precise colour we then move on to Massimo Giannoni’s concrete and thick colour, painted with a spatula. In ‘Piazza’, the high layers of colour, when seen from close up, are perceived by the eye in an abstract – informal way, to take on a realistic and more defined form as one moves away from the painting.

Finally, from the geometric abstraction of Roberto Miniati, who creates his works full of colour by interweaving shapes with tonal and harmonic effects, we arrive at the end at the pure abstraction of Jeffrey Kroll, in the works Deadalus, Koral and Delos in which his shapes – colour speak to our soul.

For more information, please contact:


Tel: +65 6694 3777


4) Italian Modern Masters

January 20th – February 2nd 2024 at Angra Wine & Spirit, 39 Keppel Road #03-03 Singapore 089065.

Open to the public: 11 am – 6 pm

Angra wine & spirit importers in collaboration with the ML fine art gallery in Milan presents the project dedicated to artistic research in the decades of the 20th century. On this occasion, a selection of paintings, sculptures and works on paper by important Italian artists such as Giacomo Balla, Giorgio de Chirico, Alighiero Boetti, Lucio Fontana, Emilio Vedova and Enrico Castellani will be exhibited. The event will be held at the showroom 39 Keppel Rd 03-03, a major new cultural hub next to the new Singapore Art Museum at the Tanjong Pagar Distripark.

For more information, please contact:


Tel: +65 65327791