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Citizenship by Marriage


The foreign spouse of an Italian citizen can apply for the granting of Italian citizenship after 3 years from the date of marriage or after 18 months in the presence of minor children.

The spouses must not be separated or divorced and the marriage bond must remain until the oath is sworn. The marriage certificate must have been duly registered with the Italian Municipality of AIRE registration.

The applicant must have a valid stay permit in Singapore and the Italian citizen spouse must be registered in the consular register of this Embassy and consequently in his/her Italian Municipality’s Register of Italians Residing Abroad (AIRE).


The citizenship application must be submitted directly by the applicant through an online portal of the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

The applicant must:

A) register on the portal:

B) fill in the application form by using the login credentials he/she received.
(Attention: the SURNAME – NAME – DATE OF BIRTH must be entered in the registration form as indicated in the birth certificate. It is recommended to verify that the personal particulars on all documents are consistent and that there is the exact indication of the Municipality of birth.)

C) send the application (form AE) in electronic format, attaching the scans of the documents indicated below, which must include all the pages of each individual document (on the website of the Ministry of the Interior a user manual is available “Sistema inoltro telematico “).

Document requirements

1) Original birth certificate extract of the applicant issued and legalized by the relevant Authorities of the country of origin, translated into Italian language and provided with a declaration of conformity of the translation issued by the diplomatic or consular representation in charge;

2) Criminal certificate of the country of origin in original and of any other country where he resided from the age of fourteen, legalized by the relevant authorities of the country that issued them and translated into Italian language, provided with a declaration of conformity of the translation issued by Diplomatic or consular representation present in the country that issued them;

3) Criminal certificate issued by relevant authorities in Singapore, legalized by Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently by this Embassy. Before contacting the relevant Singapore office:

THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT CRO CID – Police Cantonment Complex 391 New Bridge Road SINGAPORE 088762, it is necessary to have the letter from this Embassy which states the reasons for the requesting this certificate; (criminal certificates are valid for six months);

4) Certificate of knowledge of Italian language not lower than level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference, certified by an appropriate institution. This requirement was introduced by the legislation with effect from 4 December 2018 (law 1 December 2018, n.132) and is an indispensable condition for the granting of citizenship pursuant to art. 5 and 9 of Law 91/92. The verification of this requirement is carried out through the acquisition of a qualification issued by a public or joint educational institution or a certification issued by a certifying body. At the moment, only the following bodies are considered certification bodies, belonging to the unified certification system CLIQ (Italian Language Certification of Quality), possibly in collaboration with the local Italian Cultural Institutes: the University for foreigners of Siena (CILS), the University for foreigners of Perugia (CELI), the Roma Tre University (CERT.IT), the Dante Alighieri Society (PLIDA). Therefore, certifications of a level not lower than B1 issued by the aforementioned bodies may be considered valid pursuant to the aforementioned standard. To date, there are two official exam centers in Singapore: Scuola Italiana by APICS for CILS exam and Italian Language School by Singapore Italian Association for CILS and CELI exams.

5) Receipt of payment of Euro 250.00. Payment must be made via bank transfer to:


Citizenship Application

IBAN Code IT 54D0760103200000000809020


6) Passport of the applicant;

7) Stay permit in Singapore of the applicant (Employment Pass, Long term visit pass etc.)

8) Extract from the marriage registers issued by the Italian Municipality where the related certificate was registered;

9) Copy of the passport of the Italian spouse.

Once all the documentation has been sent to the Ministry of the Interior, the applicant will automatically receive a code from the system that will allow him/her to follow the application status in the various stages of the procedure.

At this Embassy

After sending the application, the applicant must book an appointment through the Online Booking system to deliver to this Embassy  all the originals of the documents sent digitally to the Ministry of the Interior in Rome.

In the absence of the originals, this Embassy will not be able to give its opinion for the purpose of continuing the process with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior.

Conclusion of the Procedure

The term for the definition of the procedure for the acquisition of Italian citizenship, according to the provisions of Art. 14 of the DL. 04.10.2018 n. 113 is 48 months from the date of submission of the application, if correct and complete with all the required documents, or from the date of integration of the requested documentation. This term applies to the procedures in progress, i.e. not yet defined as of 5 October 2018 (date of entry into force of the aforementioned Decree No. 113), whether the previous two-year term is expired, or whether it has not yet expired.

In the event of a change of address (even within the same consular district), the AIRE Office and the Citizenship Office must be promptly notified. In case of transfer to another consular district or to Italy, the AIRE Office and the Citizenship Office must be notified for the transfer of the file to the relevant Consulate or Prefecture with territorial jurisdiction. The completion of the passage of the citizenship file will take place when the interested parties register with the new Consulate or the Italian Municipality.

The procedure for acquiring the Italian citizenship ends with the issuing of a concession decree by the Ministry of the Interior and with the performance, by the applicant, of the oath of allegiance to the Constitution and to the Laws of the Italian Republic.

UPDATE – Measures for COVID-19 emergency: Suspension of the terms of the procedures for the acquisition of Italian citizenship – Extension of validity of certifications

The terms of the procedures for the acquisition of Italian citizenship, pending at this Embassy on 23 February 2020 or started later, are suspended from 23 February to 15 May 2020 (applications for citizenship by marriage, oaths, election of citizenship, etc.) (Art. 103 paragraph 1 Law Decree n. 18/2020 converted into Law n. 27/2020; art. 37 Law Decree n. 23/2020).

The validity of the certifications, also of the country of origin, expiring between January 31 and April 15, 2020, which have been produced at this Embassy by applicants for citizenship is extended until June 15, 2020 (Article 103 paragraph 2 of the Law Decree no. 18/2020 converted into Law no. 27/2020).