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Italian citizenship is based on the principle of ius sanguinis (by blood), according to which the child born to an Italian father or an Italian mother is Italian; however, mother could pass the citizenship right to her children only from 1st of January 1948, as a result of a specific sentence of the Constitutional Court.

Currently, Italian citizenship is regulated by Law no. 91 of 5.2.1992 which, unlike the previous law, re-evaluates the weight of the individual will in the acquisition and loss of citizenship and recognizes the right to simultaneous ownership of several citizenships, subject to the different provisions provided for by international agreements.

Requests for general information on the procedures or necessary documentation to apply for citizenship will not be answered individually by e-mail or telephone and please refer to the indications contained in the relevant web pages.

As per ministerial instructions, all communications with applicants for Italian citizenship by marriage (ex Articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 and subsequent amendments and additions to Law 91/1992) take place exclusively through the portal of the Ministry of the Interior ALI / CIVES and not by e-mail or other means.

Appointments have to be booked online via the following website:, as no walk-in is accepted.

  1. Citizenship by blood (jure sanguinis);
  2. Citizenship by marriage (jure matrimoni);
  3. Renunciation of Italian citizenship.