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The various forms listed here below can be downloaded.


1) List of lawyers

2) List of Consultancy Firms


1) Medical Certificate for Renewal of the Italian Driving Licence and list of accredited doctors

2) Application Form for Publicizing the Marriage

3) Application Form for an Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale)

4) List of Personal Household Effects Used during Stay Abroad

5) Legalization of Documents

6) Model of English translation of an Italian Driving License



1) Application Form for AIRE Registration

2) Change of Address in Singapore/Repatriation to Italy/Moving to another country



1) Citizenship Application Jure Sanguinis 

2) Procedure for Naturalization through Marriage



1) Application Form for Registering a Birth Certificate in Italy   

2) Application Form for Registering a Marriage Certificate in Italy

3) Application Form for registering a non EU divorce

4) Application Form for Registering a Death Certificate in Italy

5) Application Form for a Residence Certificate “Certificato di Residenza

6) Application Form for the Family Status “Stato di Famiglia

7) Application Form for a Certificate of Citizenship

8) Self-Declaration to request the No-Impediment (Nulla Osta) to marriage



1) Application Form for a New Passport 

2) Application Form for a New Passport for Minors

3) Consent Form

4) Stolen/Lost Passport Report Form

5) Letter of Travel Consent for Minors

6) Application Form for Emergency Travel Document (ETD) for Adults

7) Application Form for Emergency Travel Document (ETD) for Minors



1) Application for the Electronic Identity card for ADULTS

2) Application for the Electronic Identity card for MINORS

3) Consent form

4) Stolen/Lost CIE Report form


1)    Schengen Visa Application Form

2)    National Visa Application Form

3)    Business Invitation Letter

4)    Host Declaration Form

5)    Checklist for Tourist Visa

6)    Checklist for Student Visa

7)    Schengen Visa checklist for the Spouse of an Italian Citizen

8)    Declaration of sponsorship for a family member to study in Italy 

9)    Declaration of Financial Support Commitment to Relatives

10)  Declaration of Custody of a Minor

11)  Proof of Sponsorship and/or private accommodation