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Electronic Identity Card (CIE)

Electronic Identity Card (CIE)

The Embassy of Italy in Singapore will provide the service of issuing the Electronic Identity Card FOR A TRIAL PERIOD starting from 18 January 2024. The number of available slots will be limited during the first quarter but it will be adjusted gradually according to the volume of applications.

The holders of valid paper Identity cards are kindly requested to wait until the end of the trial period to book the service, to facilitate issuance in favor of citizens who do not have one.

What is the electronic identity card (CIE)?

The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is the identity document of Italian citizens issued by the Ministry of the Interior and produced by the Government Printing House, which, thanks to sophisticated security and anti-counterfeiting elements, allows the verification of the holder’s identity and access to the digital services of the Public Administration.

The CIE valid for expatriation allows movement within the European Union, in some Schengen area countries (e.g., Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and in other countries with which bilateral agreements have been signed (see individual “Country Profile” at

Who can apply for the Electronic Identity Card (CIE)?

The CIE is issued exclusively to Italian citizens permanently residing in this consular district (Singapore and Brunei) with regular AIRE registration.

It is also essential, for Italian citizens born abroad, that their birth certificates are already registered in the Vital Records of the relevant municipalities, as the details of the registration must be stated in the Electronic Identity card (CIE).

In case of changing one’s address of residence (compared to the one previously communicated to the Consular Office), it will be necessary to request the change of address through FAST IT portal before booking an appointment to apply for the issuance of the CIE.

When and how to apply for the CIE?

It is possible to apply for the CIE in the following cases:

  • First time applicants;
  • Theft, loss or deterioration of the Identity card;
  • Replacement of paper ID card or from 1st and 2nd generation Electronic Identity cards (issued before July 4, 2016).

To apply for an electronic ID card, it is necessary to:

  • Book an appointment by selecting the “Application for “Electronic Identity Card (CIE)” service on the Prenot@mi
  • Email the completed application form (download the application form for ADULTS or MINORS) and front-back copy of the current ID card at least 7 days before the appointment to: .

It will be possible to make a single booking or a multiple booking from one account (for up to two additional family members).

Before accessing the CIE service calendar and choosing the first available date, it is necessary to fill in the mandatory fields indicated by the system.

In case of any verified elements that impede the issuance of the CIE, the Embassy will inform the person concerned about it and cancel the appointment.

The presence of the applicant and/or cardholder, if older than 12 years of age, is mandatory at the time of the appointment for the purpose of acquiring biometric data.

What are the necessary documents to bring with you at the time of the appointment to apply for the CIE?

  • A recent, passport-size photo (optional for those above the age of 12 who can take photos at the consular office);
  • The current Identity card. if not available, a valid Italian passport;
  • Declaration of loss/stolen previous ID card, if any (download);
  • Consent form signed by both parents if the applicant is a minor under 18 years of age (download);
  • Payment in SGD by NETS debit card or cash.

The CIE due fee amounts to Euro 21.95 for first issuance/renewal or Euro 27.11 for duplicate issued due to theft, loss or deterioration of a valid CIE.

How to collect the electronic ID card?

Issuing the CIE does not take place on the day of the appointment as it will be issued  and dispatched from Italy by registered air mail, by the Italian Government Printing House (Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato), directly to the residential address of the applicant. The applicant can track of the shipment on the Italian Post Office website: by clicking on “Search Shipments” and entering the registered mail number indicated on the receipt collected on the day of the appointment.

When the shipment reaches the status “being processed in a foreign country – SINGAPORE” you will be able to track the delivery status on the Singpost website using the same tracking number.

In case of non-delivery, there is a 30-day storage period at the local post office. At the end of this period, the envelope will be returned to the Embassy for further delivery attempts.

How long is the CIE valid for?

The CIE validity varies according to the age of the holder and it has:

  • 3 years of validity for minors under 3 years old;
  • 5 years for minors between 3 and 18 years old;
  • 10 years for those above 18 years old.

What is the consent form?

The parents’ consent is required for issuing the CIE to a minor and it is also required in the case of unmarried, separated or divorced parents. If the other parent is an EU citizen, his/her presence at the Consulate is not compulsory as it will be sufficient to submit the consent form duly filled in and signed along with a copy of the passport or ID card. If the parent granting the consent is a non-EU citizen, he/she must sign the consent form in person at the Consular office.


1) Application for the Electronic Identity card for ADULTS

2) Application for the Electronic Identity card for MINORS

3) Consent form

4) Stolen/Lost CIE Report form