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General Information

Types and validity of passports.

Current legislation provides for the following types of passport:

A) Ordinary passport:

By ordinary passport we mean the electronic passport. It uses modern technologies, such as anti-counterfeiting printing and a microchip containing the owner’s personal data, photo and fingerprints. It can be a 48-page or 32-page booklet (issued only by the Police Headquarters in Italy). It allows the holder to enter the USA for stays less than 90 days, without requiring an entry visa (Visa Waiver Program).

The temporal validity of the ordinary passport differs according to the age of the holder:

• for children under 3 years of age the validity is 3 years;
• for children from 3 to 18 years old the validity is 5 years;
• for adults the validity is 10 years.

The passport renewal application can be submitted no earlier than seven months from the expiry date indicated in the document.

The new passport will be issued on the same day of the appointment barring unforeseen circumstances.

B) Temporary passport:

The temporary passport (not to be confused with the Emergency Travel Document or ETD) is a hardcopy emergency document, expressly provided for by Regulation (EC) no. 444 of 2009. It does not contain the microchip for registering the owner’s data.
It is issued for cases of temporary inability to take fingerprints, only in justified circumstances of necessity and urgency. It is a 16-page booklet and does not allow entry to the USA without a visa.

The timeframe validity of the temporary passport cannot exceed one year.

C) Collective passport:

It is issued by the Police Headquarters in Italy only.

All valid passports remain valid until their natural expiration date.

Online Appointment Booking

Consular services are provided by appointment only, by using the online booking service Prenot@mi.

Registration as a new user is required upon access to the portal for the first time.

For more information on registering and confirming / canceling an appointment click here.

Fees and Payment Methods

The cost of the passport is 116 euros. The equivalent amount in Singapore dollars is subject to the quarterly updated exchange rate.

To check the updated amounts, please refer to Consular Fees.

The payment of consular fees can be made in Singapore Dollars in cash or by NETS. The total amount for administrative fees and the passport booklet must be paid at the time of issue.