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AIRE Registry

Registry of Italians Residing Abroad (A.I.R.E.)

The Registry of Italians Residing Abroad (A.I.R.E.) was established by Law no. 470 issued on 27 October 1988 and it contains the data of all Italian citizens who intend to live abroad for more than a year. It is administered by the Municipalities on the basis of the data and information received from the Consulates abroad.

Registration with A.I.R.E. is a right-duty of the citizen (art.6 of Law 470/1988) and it is the prerequisite to benefit from the range of services provided by the Italian Embassy in Singapore, and to the exercise important rights, such as:

  • voting by correspondence in political elections and referendums;
  • obtaining the issue or renewal of self-identification and travel documents, as well as certificates;
  • Renewal of the driving licence.

Who has to register with A.I.R.E.:

  • the citizens who reside abroad for more than a year;
  • those who already reside abroad, either for being born abroad or for the subsequent acquisition of Italian citizenship for any reason.

Who should not register with A.I.R.E.:

  • those who travel and reside abroad for less than a year;
  • seasonal workers;
  • State employees in service abroad, who are notified under the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic and consular relations of 1961 and 1963 respectively;
  • Italian military staff in service at NATO offices and structures abroad.

The registration with A.I.R.E. entails the simultaneous cancellation from the Registry of Resident Population (A.P.R.) of the Municipality of origin.

How to register with the AIRE

The registration with the AIRE is processed after receiving a declaration made by the interested applicant to the consular office in charge for the territory, within 90 days of the date of change of residence (from Italy or another foreign country to Singapore).

This declaration must be sent via FAST-IT portal. See the FAST-IT section for information on the documents to be submitted and the procedure to follow.

Registration can also be effected by the office, on the basis of the available information at the consular office. The registration with A.I.R.E. is a free service.